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Modern countries are increasingly focusing on climate and environmental issues. This drive is pushing for a significant reduction in waste and proper management to achieve the end of waste and revitalize urban areas.


Enhancing flexibility and integration of internal processes.


An application solution based on SAP S/4Hana, implemented within 9 months.


Improved production efficiency and optimization of planning.


integration enables the mission of ZERO WASTE

ReLife is an Italian company that manages circular economy in an innovative and sustainable way, making the mission of ZERO WASTE a reality.

"The goal of ReLife - says Simona Malaspina, CEO of ReLife Plastic Packaging - is Upcycling Together: minimizing the disposal of company waste by recovering and transforming it into goods and finished products that find a second life in the industrial economy, acquiring new value."
The group consists of 4 entities – Recycling manages the entire valorization process of separate waste collection, Paper Mill handles the recycling of waste paper and cardboard, Paper Packaging produces sheets and corrugated cardboard boxes with recycled paper, Plastic Packaging recycles plastic materials transforming them into bags usable in the food, commerce, industry, and agriculture sectors.

"In this context - continues Simona Malaspina, CEO of ReLife Plastic Packaging - the keyword is traceability: this enables the development of the circular economy and certifications related to the sector, thereby facilitating its transformation."

The goal was to make ReLife more flexible and integrated.

Toward operational excellence: the transformation of ReLife.

"So the need arose - explains Irakli Bano, CIO of ReLife Group - to adopt a Group ERP solution to enhance production efficiency, reduce operational inefficiencies, and plan demand and supply in a circular manner."

Engineering achieved the goal by implementing a solution in 9 months using SAP S/4Hana to integrate and standardize the processes of the 6 companies within the ReLife Group, bringing together all data generated from multiple sources into a homogeneous ecosystem.
Thanks to our advanced expertise in SAP S/4Hana, we have enabled a more intensive collaboration of resources in entering information and improved data quality.

"In this way - concludes Irakli Bano, CIO of ReLife Group - the solution reduces the risk of information duplication and provides real-time access to all users."
Corrado Trasforini
The adjective that, in my opinion, best suits ENG is 'focused': for the ability to adopt new technologies, new methodologies, and identify our deeper needs. We like to perceive ENG as a true companion in the journey of Digital Transformation towards an intelligent enterprise.
Corrado Trasforini
CEO, ReLife Paper Packaging


Coherent and structured governance

Optimization of internal processes

Integration of vertical solutions

Cost containment

Uniformity of processes within the group


    Circular Ecosystem

    Responsible Productivity


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