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SAP on HANA for the
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Following an important acquisition, we migrated SAP systems of the various companies to the new SAP on HANA infrastructure, creating a new corporate Business Intelligence platform.

Approach & Solution



When it acquired a new company in 2014, a leading company in the home appliance market (with approximately $21 billion in annual turnover, 92,000 employees and 65 research centers) immediately felt the need to start a Digital Transformation process to create a new corporate Business Intelligence platform.
The transformation meant to migrate all SAP systems on the new SAP on HANA (ECC, EWM, CRM, APO, BW) with the related release of new functionalities to guarantee a new unified business vision and facilitate the adoption of analytical capabilities at institutional and Top Management level, releasing increasingly captivating reports and dashboards.

Engineering responded to the challenge by creating a new Corporate BI platform that harmonized and integrated the Business Intelligence frameworks of both companies. In this way, all processes could be unified by creating a Business Intelligence system based on the latest technologies and able to serve over 2,000 users distributed in the main business areas in the EMEA market: sales and distribution, warehouse, purchasing, customer service, finance and control.


We redesigned the existing Business Intelligence reporting tools, analyzing all the processes involved.
The newly developed platform therefore took the best of the two companies' BI systems to offer a new unified vision of the two realities and facilitate the adoption of renewed analytical capabilities.

The customer was thus able to migrate all its SAP systems (ECC, APO, CRM, BW) to SAP on HANA systems in the EMEA area. The new Business Intelligence is now based on:
  • SAP BW on HANA as a corporate Data Warehouse
  • SAP Business Objects for institutional reports (WEBI, OLAP and AFO)
  • QLIK to promote new analytical approaches and provide new dashboards
  • Tableau for the adoption of Self-Service BI and for the release of dashboards to Top Management.


Enabled self-service BI

Standardization and re-engineering of existing reporting

Updated new Business requirements

Dashboards with the new concepts of Data Visualization

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