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A Complete Digital Pathology Ecosystem in Cloud

Our project to integrate Digital Pathology within the traditional pathology workflow using a single ecosystem in SaaS.

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The growing market demand in the clinical practice of Digital Pathology has led Engineering, thanks to the collaboration of AOU San Giovanni di Dio e Ruggi d'Aragona - Scuola Medica Salernitana - UOC Anatomia Patologica, to study and implement a Pathologic Anatomy ecosystem that supports the physician in its operations.

An innovative integrated system that connects the Pathologic Anatomy software with components such as the viewer for digitized slides, Artificial Intelligence algorithms or augmented reality for a support to the pathologist's operativeness.

The goal is to make the pathologist's work more efficient, make it more accurate by automating some tasks, make heterogeneous data integrable through digitization of the process, provide comparable results worldwide, and give meaning to the data from a diagnostic and research point of view.


The solution fully responded to the needs discussed with clinicians, and the pathology laboratory workflow was able to gain several tangible benefits and strengths from Engineering's ecosystem, including integration and interoperability between WinSAP, viewer, and AI system, improvement of the diagnosis process in terms of time and accuracy, facilitation of second opinion activities, and the possibility of remote diagnostic processes.

Indeed, the use of AI algorithms in laboratory processes allows for more efficient operations with significant time savings. On the other side, patients can benefit from faster hospital response times and more accurate diagnoses. In addition, the ability to offer the service in a modular manner and exposed as SaaS on AWS cloud offers everyone the opportunity to leverage Engineering services to explore the benefits that AI provides in the anatomic pathology context.

Additionally, the AR component optimize certain operations and facilitate the performance of operations simultaneously, improving the pathologist's levels of efficiency, time, and autonomy.


Digitization of processes

Accurate results for time-consuming clinical procedures through AI & AR

Comparability of slides from different laboratories in the world

Early identification of corrupted slide

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