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A state-of-the-art laboratory

With our digital healthcare tools we automate, integrate and monitor one of Europe's leading analysis laboratories.

Approach & Solution



Baggiovara is one of the best Italian laboratories and a prime example of excellence in the European healthcare service due to high volume of samples analyzed as well as the high level of automation.
The organization that manages such laboratory, AUSL Modena, created a diagnostic network, with more than 30 blood sampling points and tens of analysis laboratories, integrated and interconnected with other regional IT health systems providing health services and equipped with clinical automation solutions.

To meet laboratory’s needs, we realized an e-health project based on the functional richness of a system that is specifically designed for the customer, belonging to our AREAS diagnostic platform, guided by our long-term system integration skills in clinical data management, and enabled by Vertica columnar database.


Our team developed two main solutions:
  • Business intelligence dashboard, to analyze operational data (e.g. reagent volumes used, number of tests done) and clinical data (e.g. test reports).
  • Automatic validation tool to verify the prescription appropriateness, avoid unnecessary tests, control spending.
Moreover, specific modules increase the value of our solution:
  • Scientific research and epidemiological investigations, allows professionals to process high volumes of data and to graph it for publication
  • System monitoring, allows to have timely alarms in case of technical malfunction or human misbehavior
  • Payments’ Management Reporting allows a new business model for our Client, as it allows to pay external companies based on how much they produce, significantly saving the expenses.


Immediate availability of report to doctor and patient

Automated identification of laboratory samples

Improved organizational efficiency with a focus on spending control

Increased accessibility, quality, speed and security of the service

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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