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Snam: a single point of access to redelivery points' data

With Snam's SUMMER program we enable a new way of managing meter-reading activities in the gas transportation sector.

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Snam is one of the world's leading energy infrastructure companies and aims to guarantee security of supply, enabling the energy transition.

Snam launched a transformation programme, called SUMMER, applied to the metering sector, which aimed to address the need to improve the efficiency of specific processes (management of data on volume/quality, breakdowns, plant, reporting) across different organizational units. It also aimed to increase the capacity to monitor acquired data, analyse related phenomena, and manage a single access point to information on redelivery points.

These business objectives were accompanied by further requirements expressed by the IT department of Snam, especially that of reducing application fragmentation and technological obsolescence of their IT systems by creating a single, scalable and flexible system, with best of breed markt technologies to be placed in a Cloud evolution scenario.


In order to implement such an ambitious programme, Snam chose Engineering due to our extensive knowledge of the measuring processes in the gas transportation sector. We started an initial phase of application solution analysis and design that brought to the definition of an implementation roadmap leading to future releases. The SUMMER project, identified as the first objective to tackle, will lead to a progressive re-engineering of processes and improved integration between existing systems, with about 150 integration flows planned.

The project's activities carried out with Snam included the adoption of the Agile methodology (SCRUM) and the design of the User Interface, enhancing the User experience with a Design Thinking approach that led to the development of a fully customisable interface for each user and on any device, in line with market standards. We adopted Business Intelligence algorithms applied to various areas.

The defined architecture foresees a microservices approach, with Java/Angular front-end technologies and Openshift as back-end architecture. The volumes foreseen at the end of the SUMMER programme will entail about 6,000 distinct users among plant owners, industrial customers, and civil customers, as well as internal users divided into geographical areas (headquarters, centres, districts) and about 8,000 meters generating more than 250 million measurements per year for Snam.


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