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A healthcare shelter system for Ukrainian refugees

On behalf of Aria and the Lombardy Region we created a platform for the welcoming and management of people fleeing the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Approach & Solution

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During the Ukrainian emergency, the Lombardy Region has expressed the desire to welcome, assist and support refugees from Ukraine by establishing an ad hoc Executive Committee.

In this context, we have developed an Information System for the management of incoming refugees in the Lombardy region. The system aims to, also for the purpose of preventing the spread of infectious diseases, register personal information and refer all individuals who require healthcare services to appropriate healthcare facilities in the area.

The system must enable identification through the creation of an initial contact information file and clinical-health screening in order to obtain a specific code necessary to receive the required healthcare services.


In order to implement such an IT system as quickly as possible, we proposed to reuse Ellipse, our new E-Health platform specialized in the clinical-care dimension and all areas of healthcare. Health screening includes a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of entry into the region and anti-Covid-19 vaccination, if necessary.

The system is provided as-a-Service on AWS cloud and has been developed using DevOps methodology.


Quick and unique census and assistance to refugees

Rapid activation of the healthcare network to provide assistance

Access Monitoring in collaboration with the Viminale

Creation of health profiles to do disease/infection screening as well

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