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We supported the process of transforming applications and infrastructure to private cloud systems for a major player within the field of postal services. Simplifying procedures and thus reducing costs.

Approach & Solution



The capacity to transform a need into an opportunity is what has led one of the major national players in the Postal services sector do you want to embark on a digital evolution process of critical importance.

The fundamental need to reduce the management costs of its data centres by consolidating them prompted the company to engage our teams to evolve and update its application landscape.

The aim of the project was therefore to carry out an integrated transformation of the applications and infrastructure, consolidating the Data Centres also with private cloud solutions and increasing the resilience of critical infrastructure.


We assisted the Data Center Transformation programme by helping to assess the systems undergoing transformation and by coordinating, analysing and implementing the application transformations of these systems. The systems to be migrated concerned both infrastructures providing internal services and custom applications developed for the Business or Retail customer.

In view of the complexity of the project, we divided the hundreds of applications undergoing migration into several groups. For each group, we developed separate and parallel migration projects, bearing in mind the relative stakeholders, constraints and possible obstacles. We then implemented in parallel the different waves of migration to private clouds (on virtual cloud environments based on SDDC VmWare infrastructure), updating the software stacks in compliance with policies governing support, longevity and security standards.

Together, these activities have brought numerous benefits, including the divestment of one of the two transformed data centres.


New Architecture & Infrastructure

Simplified management procedures

Reduced management costs

Improved performance

Increased security

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