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A roadmap for technological evolution within SAP

We supported an application and integrated upgrade path to manage the transition of SAP BW applications to the BW/4HANA platform.

Approach & Solution

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The IT Management of a Leading Oil Company needed to improve the overall performance of its SAP BW system: work was required on both the scalability of the architecture and the Business Continuity of its application landscape.

The first objective was to establish a technological evolution roadmap for the transition to SAP BW/4HANA that would guarantee the overall security of the solution’s infrastructural component. The second objective was to manage the application upgrade of the SAP Business Object component, providing the solution with new reporting tools to support daily business operations.

The customer decided to entrust Engineering with the project’s activities, involving us as a reference partner for the application stack of the SAP platform being evolved.


The activities within the project were divided into two main phases. In the first phase, we initiated the activities, supporting the client with the operational aspects of the project and with the role of Program Management Office (PMO), given the presence of external working groups (SAP, other specific suppliers).

For the operational activities within the scope of the project, thanks to the high level of knowledge in terms of both technology and context, we were able to define the application upgrade strategy together with SAP and the client, dividing activities and responsibilities among the various groups involved. Specifically, we were entrusted with the tasks of defining the upgrade process, “post upgrade tasks”, the execution of System Test activities, and the recovery of data from the original systems to feed the new system.

Thanks to the consolidated partnership with SAP, the complexity of the project, resulting from a high level of integration between the application systems involved, was managed with an excellent level of coordination in the role of PMO. The client was satisfied with the organisation and the results achieved in this first phase of the project. The second part of the project will instead focus on increased reporting (performing, responsive), with the possibility of building customisable dashboards. An additional objective is to improve the overall user experience through the adoption of a User Interface that harmonises with the rest of the SAP modules based on SAP FIORI.


Improvement of system performance

Increased overall quality of services offered

On-time compliance based on the stages of the technological roadmap

Project value

Process performance

Project Team

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