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Thanks to our competencies we automated and centralized the management of product data for the websites of a multinational household appliance.

Approach & Solution



A world leading home appliance company, with more than 21 billion in annual sales, 92.000 employees and 65 manufacturing and technology research centers, needed to begin a data automation process .

The goal was to enrich and keep up-to-date all information and digital resources related to the products on its websites. The solution sought therefore had to reduce manual work, errors and product’s information discrepancies, shorten time-to-market and ensure corporate identity and coherence of the brand on the different channels and in the different markets.


In the first phase, our team identified the key actors for the organizational processes. An assessment of the existing IT architecture was then carried out to identify any gaps to be filled. Once the process, workflow and rules for data enrichment were defined, automation began with a pilot project in a specific country.

Process rules were created on product’s master data: each was represented by a unique key, while the labels and text tiles were stored in master files with reference to the key. Rules were then inserted into automated and recurring programs, calculating and assigning predetermined texts to specific products as well as assigning specific products to filtering classes. Once applied, their result identified specific product information such as titles, descriptions, characteristics, etc. This made it possible to provide a clear view of the characteristics of the product. At the end of the project, information and filtering of products and digital resources (technical specifications, images / galleries and documents) were automatically imported to more than 180 websites in more than 30 languages.


Structured automatic processes

Shorter time-to-market

Brand coherence across all web channels

Faster and more precise transmission of content

Reduced manual work and errors

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

Project Team

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