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Where the Real Meets and Interacts with the Virtual


Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality: where the Real Meets and Interacts with the Virtual

Thanks to AR-MR-VR, which together form XR, experiences and interactions between people are enhanced by integrating the physical space with digital technologies, through immersive experiences of perfectly simulated environments.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Uses mobile viewers to overlap textual and multimedia information on the reality that we observe.

Mixed Reality (MR)
Brings virtual digital objects to the real world, allowing real users to interact with them within their own visual field.

Virtual Reality (VR)
A true virtual environment that users can access to use multimedia content.
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Our Value Proposition

Starting from our deep knowledge of technologies and of our Customers’ business processes, we develop new AR-MR-VR experiences and applications to satisfy specific business needs, allowing customers to fully exploit the advantages of Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality.

We design, plan and develop solutions for maintenance activities of production facilities and supporting services, for virtual collaboration and knowledge sharing, real-time remote assistance and training, virtual instructions and integrated cartographic components.

What we do

We implement AR-MR-VR (XR) applications whenever there is a need to act on complex plants and machinery and when reality cannot be replicated easily, or only at a high cost, across different market sectors: Digital Industry, Augmented City, Smart Energy & Utilities and Smart Transportation.

The main applications of AR, MR and VR are:
  • to support field service and maintenance processes
  • for training activities
  • for the fruition of architectural, cultural and museum assets
  • to support and assist product selling activities.