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Healthcare Platform


Our new ecosystem platform specialized in the clinical and care dimension.

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ellipse enables the total digitalisation of the "health system", as it allows:
  • healthcare organizations, to activate and support new models of care and patient relationship
  • healthcare professionals - clinicians, in particular -, to have advanced IT solutions, which actively support them in real time in their daily diagnosis, decision and treatment activities
  • patients, to be included and participate in the management of their own health pathways (e.g. information, choices, therapies, etc.)
  • healthcare systems, to implement practices and tools to enable an increasingly value-based assistance (Value Based Healthcare).


ellipse is built on a completely new technological framework, which implements and integrates all the most up to date technologies and paradigms: from a cloud-ready micro-services approach, to DB-independence, from Artificial Intelligence to privacy by design & by default, from IoT to mobile first.

ellipse allows to create entire application ecosystems or individual and customized solutions, cooperating with other Engineering or third-party applications.

ellipse brings new, faster and more efficient design and management methods, concerning: requirements analysis, start-up, configuration, integrations, training, monitoring and control, etc.

Case Study

Innovating healthcare with remote assistance

Telemonitoring and Telemedicine to fight the Covid emergency. We leveraged them with the ASL of Foggia, evolving a system to manage chronic pathologies.

Case Study

ULSS6 Euganea: Engineering's ellipse for Digital Assistants in Intensive Care

With our solution we put Artificial Intelligence alongside the doctor in patient care.

Healthcare Platform


Our proprietary platform for the digitization and integration of clinical and administrative health processes.