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We redesign healthcare by digitising processes and leveraging innovative technologies, to improve patient care, quality of work of medical operators and the overall sustainability of healthcare systems.

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Manage demands of non-emergency healthcare services/activities, scheduling available resources and requests (by general practitioners & pharmacies web portals, personal apps, call centres, front desks, etc.). Manage Emergency Medical Services - EMS (local & regional networks), coordinating activities (calls, triage, mobile communication, navigation, etc.) and resources (vehicles, hospitals, competencies, local authorities, etc.). Manage all administrative information and logistical activities of patient's journey, integrating it with the clinical workflow and general administrative processes. Manage all activities of laboratory analysis (also multi-laboratory and multi-organizations models), through complete support of every single operation, samples tracking, instrumentation integration, reports, etc. Manage all activities of anatomical pathological laboratory (and multi-laboratory), from identification of the sample, through the guided management and tracking of processing phases, up to the production of the report. Manage all activities related to the blood transfusion (for single organization or geographical area services): donors, exams, therapies, analytical tools, blood banks, data analysis, etc. Support clinical professionals – in a proactive and specialized fashion – in all patient care activities (diagnosis, treatments, monitoring, etc.) and clinical wards management. Supports all operational and administrative nursing activities, from definition of work plans, to record of activities carried out (treatments, drugs administration, communications, etc.). Supports all activities related to drugs management, integrating prescription, safe administration and logistics. Manage and connect activities and services carried out at local level for continuous assistance to patients suffering with one or more persistent diseases and their prevention. Manage and connect activities to sick, disabled or elderly people carried out at their home (through professionals and telehealth services), from planning to execution and monitoring. Manage and connect multiple local health services to people or communities: primary care, vaccinations, screening, environmental monitoring, food controls, nursing homes, rehabilitation and assistance centers, etc. Manage accounting and financial processes in a specialized way for healthcare organizations, integrating them with clinical and administrative ones. Manage the entire supply chain processes of all goods, from forecasting of needs to distributing in individual departments. Manage human resources processes in specialized way for healthcare organizations: attendance, payroll, organization, education, career, etc. Implement data-centered platforms for proactive and continuous governance of the health needs of the whole population or specific groups. Enable the implementation of clinical guidelines to improve coordination and continuity of care along different clinical pathways. Design and integrate Telehealth services permanently and extensively with all health processes: cure, care, relationships, training, etc. Design and manage new types of omnichannel services for relationship and collaboration with citizens-patients and professionals. Support – in an active and structured way – healthcare professionals in clinical decision-making processes, through the most advanced data analysis technologies. Implement big data technology to evolve the clinical and management processes of healthcare. Implement strategies and tools to governance the various types of risk in healthcare organizations: clinical, biological, environmental, accidents, digital (cybersecurity), insurance, financial, etc. Implement strategies and tools for by-design & by-default personal information management, in compliance with the regulations (GDPR) but also with opportunities of data usage.

White Paper

The New Normal
& Appendix

Our Manifesto with focus on Smart Transportation

Case Study

Biosurveillance against Covid-19

Eng-DE4Bios, our integrated biosurveillance platform, allows Veneto Region to implement a biosurveillance system that uses the power of data to fight the new Coronavirus.

White Paper

Digital Transformation

Engineering Digital Transformation Transforming the present to enable the future.

White Paper

The New Normal

Building together a post Covid-19 world.

White Paper


Evolving, enabling, extending your business through the Cloud.

White Paper

Robotic Process Automation

Process automation to enhance the human component of work 4.0.

White Paper

Digital Media & Communication

Thanks to our knowledge on digital technologies, we create new business models and we improve core processes.

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Engineering Blockchain solutions enable the Digital Transformation of public and private organizations.

White Paper

Engineering Innovation

Engineering Innovation Delivering the power of Innovation triggered by ideas.

Case Study

Artificial intelligence against diabetes

A digital medical device for educating patients affected by type 2 diabetes and enhancing their well-being through personalised advice and their doctor’s support.

Case Study

ULSS6 Euganea:
Engineering's ellipse for Digital Assistants in Intensive Care

In the health service of the future, Artificial Intelligence supports the doctor in patient care.

Case Study

Evolving IT infrastructures for an Italian hospital

We guide one of the biggest hospitals in Europe towards the evolution of its IT infrastructures, creating a Digital Workplace.

Case Study

Regione Emilia-Romagna:
new software for health emergencies

With our experience in digital transformation, emergency calls can be managed in an innovative, rapid and coordinated way.

Case Study

E-Health in the lab

Digital healthcare tools for automating, integrating and monitoring one of Europe's leading analysis laboratories.

Case Study

Sardinia Region:
simplified booking management

An innovative and integrated solution, created within the "Health 4.0" paradigm, improves access to healthcare services for an entire region.

Case Study

Sardegna Region:
Innovation of Administrative Processes

The growing demand for care can only be sustained through a smart governance of all available resources and Digital Transformation proves to be essential.

Research Project

New ways for managing health data

We are experimenting, through a dedicated research project, a new model for managing health data that is distributed and shared among citizens, hospitals and research centres, even available on Smartphones.

Research Project

Telemedicine alongside patients

Robots and sensors to monitor patients’ behaviour and psycho-physical state: telemedicine brings the doctor to your home.

Discover the Ecosystem of Platforms and Solutions for Digital Transformation chosen by our Customers


Business Analytics

Open Source suite for modern business analytics initiatives from data visualization to deep analysis.


E-Health Clinical Platform

Our new ecosystem platform specialized in the clinical and care dimension.


E-Health Integrated Platform

Our proprietary platform for the digitization and integration of clinical and administrative health processes.