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Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security


Artificial Intelligence to increase security

How to use AI to support the prediction and prevention of crimes.


Support forensic investigative work and the investigation of persons and vehicles involved in illegal activities.
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Simulation of the evolution of facial ageing over the years, based on a generative process linked to certain factors such as anthropometric measures, familiarity and ethnic characteristics.

Improving the ability to recognise faces and license plates that can be assigned to crime scenes through image processing and reduction of noise and distortions.


Our solution supports the identification of individuals involved in investigations by using AI algorithms to conduct investigative actions.

The platform uses innovative techniques recognised in the forensic field, thanks to which the quality, speed and precision of investigations are improved.

Expected Results

Improves decision-making

Enhances safety in areas within or near the port

Investigates the ESGs impacts of the benefits introduced by GNSS


AI-Driven Value
Cyber Awareness

Digital Ecosystems

Digital Citizenship