Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Sail and Think Digital!

Sail and Think Digital!

Engineering participates with its own crew in the Iren Utility Cup: Millevele 2022.

Genoa, September 23 - 24 2022

As part of Millevele 2022, crews from partner and competitor companies are preparing to unfurl their sails to challenge each other amicably in the 5th edition of the Iren Utility Cup. A spectacle of hundreds of boats will color the sea in front of the city of Genoa on September 23 and 24.

We will participate in the event with a 100% Engineering boat and crew!

The ocean and the blue economy are considered indispensable to achieve the transformation outlined in the European Green Deal and to achieve the goals of the European Recovery Plan. Engineering is about Innovation, Technology and Digital Transformation; that is, everything that is indispensable to meet the challenges of the present to build a better country and a better future to be bequeathed to the next generations: the goals of climate neutrality and zero pollution, circular economy, sustainable development, and climate change adaptation.

Participating in the Millevele - Iren Cup becomes a way to represent our passion and commitment to the innovation and transformation that are essential to meet the challenges of our present. Engineering has also set as a goal the integration of sustainable targets in the business plan, in order to position itself as an ESG Leader in the coming years.

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