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The future of Big Data and Data Science

The future of Big Data and Data Science

We discuss this with our experts at ItaDATA 2022, the event promoted by Engineering.

Milan, September 20 - 21 2022

The Italian Conference on Big Data and Data Science (ItaDATA2022) is the new annual event sponsored by Engineering and the University of Milan and supported by the CINI Big Data National Laboratory.

The conference brings together Italian researchers and professionals from academia, industry and government working in the field of big data and data science, as well as related fields (e.g. security and privacy, HPC, Cloud). 

ITADATA2022 aims to discuss and shape the future of Big Data and Data Science in Italy and abroad, considering the multidisciplinary, complex, heterogeneous, and data-centric environment in which modern distributed systems are operating. The conference covers theoretical and practical research pertaining to data, from data governance to data processing and analysis. It also covers research in related domains where data and data science technologies are key, such as cloud, edge and IoT, intelligent and high-performance computing, blockchain, security and privacy, assurance and certification.

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Our experts will participate in the event activities of both days as follows: 

20th September 

  • Davide Dalle Carbonare, our senior researcher, and Salvatore Cipolla, our data scientist, will participate in the “Tutorial 1: TOREADOR Heritage”. They will present the progress beyond the TOREADOR H2020 project platform showing how a model-based Big Data Analytics-as-a-service (MBDAaaS) approach can support the prototyping and deployment of Big Data Analytics applications in several domains and scenarios. Together with the enhancements of the platform the tutorial will show its adoption in a real use case from the INFINITECH project.  

st September 

  • Fabrizio Fontanesi, Director Strategy and Innovation Energy & Utilities, and Marco Breda, our Head of Advanced Analytics & AI - Data & Analytics Centre of Excellence will be speakers in the “Tutorial 4: Home EnergIA – NILM”. They will describe HomeEnergIA, the Engineering system that offers an original and accurate solution for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring that detects electrical consumption in homes with a single sensor placed on the meter and provides powerful AI algorithms on remote systems. 
  • Davide Dalle Carbonare, our senior researcher, will participate in the “Panel on Data Sovereignty and Data Governance: The Role of Open Science and Open Data”. 

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