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Lunch Seminar:

Lunch Seminar: "Main trends in the demand for Advanced Analitycs and AI solutions"

Engineering Brings the Latest Trends in Generative AI to Sapienza in Rome.

Roma, November 13 2023

Engineering, always at the forefront of adopting emerging technologies and artificial intelligence, is excited to announce its participation in an informative seminar dedicated to the "Latest Trends in the Demand for Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence." The event will take place at Sapienza University, representing another commitment by Engineering in the field of technological innovation.

The seminar, led by Marco Breda, Head of Advanced Analytics & AI – Data & Analytics at Engineering, will explore the fascinating world of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions. During the event, various aspects will be examined, including the types of data processed, the types of analyses performed, application sectors, and real-world use cases.

One of the key focuses of the event will be the management of natural language textual data, with particular emphasis on generative analyses. This trend holds significant importance, especially in sectors with substantial user bases, with a specific reference to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Participants in the seminar will have the opportunity to gain deep insights from various analytical case studies, offering a more comprehensive view of emerging trends shaping the future of AI and analysis.

This initiative is integral to Engineering's innovative approach, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and contributing to the sharing of knowledge and research with the academic and professional community.

For further information about the event, click here.

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