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NRRP and Digital Health: experiences in comparison

NRRP and Digital Health: experiences in comparison

Engineering participates in the MidSummer School 2022 of Motore Sanità.

Tivoli (Rome), July 13 - 15 2022

Disruptive Innovation in health management includes all areas of medicine, and Disruptive Technology is at the heart of it. Technology in diagnostics and prediction is evolving tumultuously giving shape to personalized medicine and the prospects for greater therapeutic precision.

In order to make all stakeholders in Italian healthcare understand the impact it has and could have in the future and have all the bureaucratic barriers that slow down access to it broken down, Motore Sanità is organizing an event dedicated to the topic from July 13 to 15 to gather concrete proposals to be addressed to representatives of institutions .

Three days of meetings with key players in the field for an update, reflection, study and planning regarding the topic of Disruptive Innovation.

Ettore Simonelli, Senior Digital Health of Engineering's Health Products Directorate, will speak on July 15 in the session "NRRP and Digital Health: comparing experiences between multinational companies and start-ups."

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