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Digital Innovation for a modern fashion supply chain

Digital Innovation for a modern fashion supply chain

Porini and Engineering's proposal.

Milan, October 06 2022

The Italian fashion and luxury supply chain, despite the obvious difficulties of the last two years, continues to be an important portion of our GDP in terms of both value and number of employees. The latest crises have grafted onto a situation already complicated by changing consumer behavior and increasingly complex supply chains.

How best to address these challenges and manage them? The key words are digital transformation, modernization, and process adaptation. Clearly, when talking about modernization and digitization, on all possible fronts, Microsoft plays an important leadership role.

Porini and Engineering are two Microsoft partners specializing in the fashion and luxury market, different in size and history but complementary; Porini with an emphasis more on industry application solutions and Engineering more on consulting aspects and the development of ad hoc solutions.

The two companies have decided to discuss on October 6 in Milan during a special Executive Lunch.

Andrea Carlini, Senior Account Manager, e Andrea Bertozzi, Business Unit Manager SCM CoE, will propose Engineering's experiences and competencies at the service of the industry, best practices and use cases.

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