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Reinventing European Resilience

Reinventing European Resilience

Our R&I team participates in the first annual critical infrastructure protection conference and workshop ECSCI.

Brussels, September 20 - 21 2023

The EU-CIP project organizes its 1st Annual Conference on Critical Infrastructure Resilience: “Reinventing European Resilience”. The Conference is co-organised together with the European Cluster for Securing Critical Infrastructures (ECSCI) and will also include an ECSCI cluster workshop. The conference will take place at the Maison des Associations Internationales in Brussels, Belgium on 20-21 September 2023. 

The EU-CIP Annual Conference ambition is to be established as a flagship event standing as a vehicle for animating, sustaining, and growing the CIP/CIR ecosystem, presenting relevant EU initiatives and project outcomes. The programme includes two days of keynote speeches and panel discussions from the European Commission (DG HOME, JRC), as well as representatives of the CIP/CIR ecosystem. In addition, ECSCI cluster projects will present their results and engage in a dialogue on how they can contribute to a strengthened EU critical infrastructure resilience landscape. 

Emilia Gugliandolo, EU-CIP project coordinator and part of our R&I team, will introduce and close the event with her remarks respectively on 20th and 21st. 

Gabriele Giunta, from our R&I team, will intervene in the roundtable #1, about “current and emerging risks and challenges for CIP/CIR – assessment of threats, gaps and needs”, on September 20th. 

Gabriele, on the same day, will also present the project ATLANTIS: Improved Resilience of Critical Infrastructures Against Large Scale Transnational and Systemic Risks. 

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