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RISE SD - Research and Innovation Symposium for European Security and Defense

RISE SD - Research and Innovation Symposium for European Security and Defense

Engineering's Research and Innovation team will bring some concrete projects to the event.

Rhodes - Greece, May 29 - 31 2023

The “Research and Innovation Symposium for European Security and Defense” is an international EU Research and Innovation event in the field of Disaster and Crisis Management, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Fight Crime and Terrorism, Cybersecurity, Border Security and Defence Research stemming from previous initiatives, and aiming to bring together the European R&D communities in Civil Protection & Defense 

The goal is to provide a unique forum for disseminating scientific results, support knowledge exchange, and create networking and clustering opportunities for security stakeholders of EU-funded projects in security and defense. Live demonstrations will take place on the last day, presenting technological solutions developed in the context of the co-organizing EU RDI projects.

Engineering R&I has a number of talks on the agenda: 

Emilia Gugliandolo will speak on 29 May during Session 3 (SSRI) talking about “EU-CIP: European Knowledge Hub and Policy Testbed for Critical Infrastructure Protection”. She will also participate in the closing panel discussion focused on Innovation Uptake.  

Giuseppe Vella will talk on 30 May about flexible and improved border-crossing experience for passengers and authorities, linking to the activities of the FLEXI-cross project, and he will then participate in the panel on Piloting, validation and Market Update of innovative solutions from Technical Perspective.  

Gabriele Giunta will also speak on 30 May. He will chair Session 4 and present ATLANTIS, a project focused on resilience of Critical Infrastructures against large scale transnational and systemic risks. 

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