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Webinar "The Future is in Data"

An online event to learn about issues and criticalities related to data management.

May 31 2023

The European Data Strategy of February 2020 announced the creation of common European Data Spaces, enabling more data availability for use in the economy and society. Data Spaces cover 10 strategic fields, including public administration. Despite GDPR, constraints like commercial confidentiality and protection of intellectual property and personal data persist and barriers to sharing and reusing statistical datasets need addressing. 

In line with these themes, the objective of the digital event "The future is in data: High Value Datasets in the European Data Space", is to explore issues and criticalities related to the management of data by public administrations in the Data Spaces, as well as the innovative technologies needed, the impact on local communities and the role of private actors. 

The event is promoted by the INTERSTAT project, coordinated by Martino Maggio, who will open and chair the event, while Roberto Di Bernardo will serve as the moderator. 

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