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Engineering in partnership with Almaviva has been assigned the National Telemedicine Platform

Engineering in partnership with Almaviva has been assigned the National Telemedicine Platform

The National Platform will allow for greater integration between regional health services, improving the quality and access to care for people across the entire national territory, in line with the objectives set out by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan in the Digital Health sector.

Rome, March 02 2023

Engineering, a leader in process digitalization for companies and public administration, and Almaviva, an Italian digital innovation group, have won the AGENAS concession for the design, implementation, and management of the National Telemedicine Platform as a Temporary Business Grouping (RTI) with Engineering as the lead contractor. The entire concession will last for 10 years: after an initial phase of design and implementation, a management phase will follow in which the platform will continue to increase its services in line with the evolution of Digital Health.

The National Telemedicine Platform (PNT), which connects the Central Administration with local Administrations, will have as its main objective the centralized governance and monitoring of telemedicine processes implemented at the regional level, in line with what is indicated in the PNRR - Mission 6 Component 1 sub-investment 1.2.3 "Telemedicine".

Dario Buttitta, Executive Vice President PA & Healthcare at Engineering, explains: "The first objective of telemedicine should be to support the healthcare system, harmonizing with it through the creation of networks in which clinical, health and care professions - as well as social ones - reach the person regardless of where they are. With this platform, technological and digital innovation is at the service of the healthcare system to make local care more efficient. Engineering, which has extensive knowledge of the healthcare context, advanced technological skills, and strong experience in telemedicine developed in many research projects, welcomes the challenge of creating a National Platform with responsibility and pride. The platform will not only enhance the specificity of each initiative in this area, but will also improve quality and access for all citizens across the national territory. It is a strategic project for the country, which once again places us as a Digital Transformation Company capable of creating real and concrete benefits for people through new technologies”.

For Antonio Amati, General Manager of the IT Division at Almaviva, "Digital technologies play a fundamental role in transforming care and health processes, from clinical and diagnostic aspects to organizational and logistical ones, ensuring flexibility in the system and releasing resources. Digital technology is the enabling element of a new healthcare system based on data and information, interoperability of systems, and services that are quickly available and accessible to citizens according to their needs. In Almaviva's vision, which has gained significant experience in supporting the Central Public Administration, including in the healthcare sector, the public health model must focus on citizens, along with the security of their data, and telemedicine represents a fundamental part of the system. We are proud to contribute to an important and strategic project aimed at offering benefits that are perceptible to people in terms of accessibility, inclusion, efficiency, and savings."

Thanks to an architectural approach consistent with the principles of independence, security, flexibility, robustness, scalability, and reuse indicated by AgID, the platform prepared by Engineering, in partnership with Almaviva, will be entirely cloud-based (following the Cloud First principle) and will ensure a level of interoperability and integration that allows harmonization between the specific digital ecosystems of each region, thus enhancing the investments already implemented or planned at the local level.

In the belief that the fundamental value of Telemedicine lies in its ability to reach the person, promoting not only treatment but also the maintenance of health through the orchestration of inclusive and sustainable services, the National Telemedicine Platform sets challenging and fundamental objectives to allow the healthcare system to respond more punctually and efficiently to the needs of the citizen-patient. Among these, to promote homogeneous implementation of telemedicine pathways throughout the national territory, optimizing de-hospitalization and enhancing the quality of proximity care; bridging the gap and territorial disparities in terms of healthcare provision; improving clinical quality and accessibility to services throughout the national territory.



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