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Blockchain and traceability in the fashion industry

Blockchain and traceability in the fashion industry

Engineering brings rhe Pattern project to IT4Fashion. Luca Sburlati, Pattern Group's CEO, a company specializing in designing, engineering, developing, prototyping and producing clothing lines for prestigious international brands, talks about the project, developed in collaboration with Engineering to guarantee production traceability and sustainability using blockchain technology.

Rome, July 14 2021

At the eleventh edition of IT4Fashion (Certosa di Firenze, 13 and 14 July), Engineering – a leading firm in Digital Transformation, focused on supporting the Digital Retail & Fashion sector's journey to digitalization through the use of enabling technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and AI & Advanced Analytics – presented the experience of one of their clients, Pattern, with a project designed to ensure the traceability and sustainability of products through blockchain technology.

Pattern, a company specializing in designing, engineering, developing, prototyping and producing clothing lines for prestigious international brands, needed to be able to guarantee their clients full traceability and transparency along the entire production chain to ensure sustainability and prevent counterfeiting.

In his speech, Pattern's CEO, Luca Sburlati, explained how Engineering's solution allows consumers, who are growing increasingly sensitive to issues of social and environmental responsibility, to track the provenance of products and materials. It also helps contrast counterfeiting, a widespread problem in the luxury sector.

"The pandemic made us realize the positive impact digitalization can have on luxury craftsmanship professions," says Luca Sburlati. "Digitalization allows for a more efficient use of materials and improves sustainability from the design phase onward. In addition, blockchain technology makes it possible to unequivocally trace the supply chain. Recent months have seen a leap forward by several years in this respect, and the process is irreversible. Our advice is to focus on the positives to improve competitiveness in international markets."

"In recent years", said Maurizio Pecori, Engineering's  Director Industry and Retail, "the Retail & Fashion sector has accelerated its Digital Transformation. Digitalization has enabled industry players to innovate their business models while simultaneously improving sustainability." "In this regard, we at Engineering assist companies like Pattern in harnessing cutting-edge technologies like blockchain in order to strengthen their relationship with consumers, who are now increasingly attentive to product provenance and sustainability, and promote after-sales engagement, brand awareness and brand reputation".

Engineering's implemented solution is modular, built on the Ethereum Blockchain and based on QR-code and RFID technology. By scanning the QR code on the label, the consumer can access a detailed, certified history of the garment.

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