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With Engineering, Pinalli's customer experience becomes omnichannel and multichannel

With Engineering, Pinalli's customer experience becomes omnichannel and multichannel

Engineering has developed for Pinalli a Customer Data Platform that innovates its sales systems to offer customers an increasingly personalized shopping experience.

Rome, July 28 2022

Engineering, Italian leader in digital transformation processes for PA and companies, has developed for Pinalli, the first Italian perfumery chain and third overall the country, a Customer Data Platform, which collects, harmonizes and redistributes data from all sales channels, both physical and online, redesigning the customer experience from an omnichannel and multichannel perspective.

Putting in place its knowledge in defining, managing and evolving CRM processes and strategies, and the skills in using the cross-cutting and ecosystemic power of data, Engineering supported Pinalli since the first assessments to identify the technological and process roadmap. Pinalli was then guided in gathering requirements that led to the implementation of the Customer Data Platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, with which Engineering has already developed innovative and strategic services in more than 500 projects worldwide, and on Azure services for data collection and transmission.

Domenico Clementi, Retail, Fashion & GDO Sales Director at Engineering, explains: "We are really happy and proud that Engineering has been able to give its contribution to a dynamic and innovative company like Pinalli. Accompanying them in this digital evolution from an omnichannel perspective has been a challenging but rewarding journey.  This project confirms Engineering's ability to operate successfully in the Digital Retail & Fashion market, starting from the initial advisory and analysis, managing the entire implementation phase, passing and going through change management support".

"A year ago, we chose to embark on a digital transformation path aimed at improving our customer’s omnichannel experience - underlines Luca Alberici, PMO strategic marketing area of Pinalli - Engineering, excellence in the field of digital consulting, has provided us with a modern and functional data warehouse solution, capable of responding with tailor-made solutions to the need to make the data the protagonist of our strategic choices. This has allowed us, and will allow us more and more, to manage the relationship with the customer in a personalized and effective way, proposing offers and initiatives consistent with their purchasing preferences. We do not intend to stop here: we already have other ambitious projects in the pipeline that we are convinced we can develop to the fullest by working side by side with this partner of excellence."

Through a centralized use of data by the platform implemented by Engineering, Pinalli offers its customers the opportunity to live the same customer experience in both physical stores and in online channels, finding the same benefits (discounts, promotions ...) whatever their access point.  Thanks to the implementation of a specific solution for the retail world, always based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure, Engineering has also allowed Pinalli to optimize its loyalty procedures so as to offer its customers a personalized experience, through the membership management, in relation to discounts, promotions, vouchers or gift cards in a timely and precise manner.

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