Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

Engineering: career opportunities and growth for 1,000 talents in 2022

Engineering: career opportunities and growth for 1,000 talents in 2022

The growth of Engineeringbcontinues: in 2022 the recruitment of 1,000 new resouces to be placed in all the divisions and companies of the Group is expected.

Rome, April 05 2022

• In the first quarter of 2022, new recruits have already been 381 with a 57% increase, compared to 2021

• Tomorrow, April 6, Engineering participates in the Recruiting Day organized by the Placement Exchange

• Recruitment plan also open to refugees from Ukraine with STEM training

Engineering continues to grow. Italy's leading digital transformation company, which also operates in the international market, has closed the first phase of its new impressive recruitment campaign for 2022. The recruitment of 1,000 new resources to be inserted in all the divisions and companies of the Group is expected.

Alessia D'Addario, Chief Human Resources Officer at Engineering: "The interest we are receiving in our recruiting campaign is very positive. In the first quarter, we have already evaluated thousands of profiles and, above all, we have already placed 381 new resources, with a growth of 57% compared to the same period of 2021. The recruitment campaign for the whole year is impressive and the signs we are getting from these first months are really encouraging. I believe that these figures reflect the Group's ability to demonstrate the centrality of investment in human capital for Engineering and to promote vision and opportunities for professional growth also at international level. Never as in this historical moment does technology offer the opportunity to drive the transformation processes underway. Engineering Group is increasingly part of this path through a team that, day after day, is enriched by the best talents".

Engineering, with its subsidiaries, firmly positioned on the frontier of research and applications of all cutting-edge technologies, will include different profiles: experienced professionals, recent graduates and undergraduates in scientific disciplines - engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics and biomedicine - destined to work with the teams of the many Italian and international offices (Belgium, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Brazil, Argentina and the United States).

A part of the 1.000 new recruits will be made up of cybersecurity professionals to be included within the subsidiary CYBERTECH, which offers technologies, platforms and skills to prevent, manage and contain cyber attacks and system breaches.

Tomorrow, April 6, Engineering will be present at the Recruiting Day organized by the Placement Exchange. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with representatives of the company who will indicate the open positions and the professional opportunities that the largest Italian technology group offers (for information: info@borsadelplacement).


The people who will be hired will immediately access an onboarding and education program within the IT & Management Academy "Enrico Della Valle", one of the most important education hubs on Information Technology in Italy.
With 200 certified teachers and over 25.000 days of education per year, the Academy has the dual mission of completing the education program of new recruits and ensuring the constant, methodological and managerial updating of all employees, ensuring the certified development of skills, in parallel with the increasingly fast technological evolution, both to support the quality of the group's offer and services and the possibility of developing important career paths for individuals.

Also noteworthy is Engineering's decision to make its own contribution to the ongoing humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine, opening the recruitment plan also to Ukrainian refugees with STEM skills.

Those interested can send their application by connecting to this page.



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