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Engineering: released the new Sustainability Report

Engineering: released the new Sustainability Report

This document confirms commitment to achieving environmental targets and the integration of ESG issues into business processes.

Rome, October 09 2023

The Engineering Group has approved the 2022 Sustainability Report, which has undergone third-party review for the second consecutive year. Among the key achievements of the Group in 2022 in the three ESG areas reported in the document are:

- A 26% reduction in direct and indirect CO2 emissions.
- A 33% increase in employees under 30 compared to 2021, along with the introduction of a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion plan.
- Strengthening the Group's presence in international sustainability networks.

Engineering, a leader in digitizing business and government processes, has published its 2022 Sustainability Report. This report has undergone a second-year review by a third-party organization, Deloitte, reaffirming the centrality of sustainability policies in the Group's strategies. The document is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard, the most widely recognized international standard.

The report, published after examination by the company's Board of Directors, highlights Engineering's commitment to pursuing goals related to environmental protection and social equity in an ethical and transparent business management. It also underscores how in 2022, the Group reinforced the integration of ESG issues into business and corporate processes.

In the opening letter of the Report, Maximo Ibarra, CEO of Engineering, notes: "The 2022 Sustainability Report aims to show how our commitment to ESG issues is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our policies and procedures, increasingly guiding our business decisions in line with the sensibilities of our shareholders and representatives of the Group's corporate bodies. The green transition is an essential challenge for society, governments, and businesses. Operators like Engineering, committed to digital transformation, represent an acceleration factor for sustainability processes in communities and businesses, especially with the advent of frontier technologies like AI.

Sustainability is not just a corporate responsibility but a shared challenge in our value chain, requiring engagement with all stakeholders, with whom we will collaborate even more closely in achieving common goals. In 2024, Engineering will continue to lead in innovation policies, the development of the most efficient transformation models, and collaborations with key industry players, increasingly aspiring to be a strategic partner in the country's development."

Among the main results reported for each of the three ESG parameters, the following are highlighted:

In the Environmental field, Engineering recorded a 26% reduction in direct and indirect CO2 emissions in 2022, with 89% of electrical energy coming from renewable sources. The Group also embarked on a sustainable procurement path, and starting in 2023, as part of its partnership with Open-es, Engineering monitors the ESG performance of its suppliers as a lead firm. Since April 2023, a project has also been initiated to develop a decarbonization strategy and plan for Group companies globally, including setting emissions reduction targets in line with the SBTi (Science-Based Target initiative) framework by 2024.

In the Social domain, 2022 marked the launch of the HR Strategic Plan 2022-2025 for Engineering, which, among other things, led to the definition of a new job architecture in 2023, simplifying roles and responsibilities and introducing defined and shared career paths. 2022 also saw an increase in employees under 30 (+33% compared to 2021) and a focus on DE&I (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) topics, which, during 2023, enabled setting a target of achieving a 35% female presence by 2025 (currently at 31%). In the social sphere, significant results were also achieved by the IT & Management Academy, which, with over 33,000 days of training, continued and expanded its upskilling and reskilling activities for its resources, including training programs designed for young professionals and the professional growth of women within the company.

In the Governance area, in 2022, the Group approved a new version of the Code of Ethics, strengthening oversight on human rights, equal opportunities, and inclusion issues. Furthermore, the Group's presence in sustainability networks was strengthened, with continued commitment to the Global Compact, participation in initiatives such as the Target Gender Equality Accelerator, and the signing of the "Businesses for People and Society Manifesto" of the United Nations Global Compact.

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