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From Covid Emergency to digital ecosystems

From Covid Emergency to digital ecosystems

Engineering's vision of the latest technological and market trends.

Rome, February 03 2021

Opportunities for innovation emerge when technology meets with the needs of business. An overview of current trends and macro-trends, as explained by Engineering and disclosed in the new white paper "Where Business meets Technology". 

Covid-19 has been a stress test for all markets. At the same time, however, it has also triggered a dizzying acceleration in terms of the digital transformation of companies and businesses. In the third trimester of 2021, European investments in Cloud came close to 6 billion Euros (a figure three times that of 2017). More than 100 million workers in Europe shifted to smart working, and for 50% of these, this was the first time. In Italy, 2 out of 3 companies in the manufacturing sector are convinced that artificial intelligence will open up new and fundamental business opportunities* in 2021.

On the one hand, these numbers represent an overview of current tendencies and macro-trends, but on the other hand they also pose important questions. Which are the technologies that we should maintain and which should be implemented? How can we combine them to manage the rhythm of change in the best way possible? How can we imagine new spaces for working? Is the era of the megacities over? One thing is certain: innovation emerges where business meets technology.

"Digital technologies allow us to make better decisions more quickly," explains Paolo Pandozy, CEO of Engineering. "Today, we find ourselves confronting a potential 'perfect storm': exponential growth in terms of technological opportunities combined with a potential gap regarding the expertise available, all within the context of resources that are not infinite. For this reason, it will be a time of enormous possibilities for those who know how to adopt the right technologies and apply them to their own context, transforming what, for many over the last 12 months, has been a tactical approach into a strategic approach."

Engineering has published the paper "Where Business meets Technology" to discuss the challenges and opportunities that we will face in 2021: the changes that will be experienced by industries, countries, and societies, requiring innovative and transversal solutions. Going beyond a siloed vision for both markets and technologies, the time has come to create digital ecosystems that can offer a space where technological capabilities and business needs come together, generating new ways of living and working.

For more than 40 years, Engineering has guided businesses in their journey of digital transformation, working on their processes and business models. This innovative approach is based on four pillars: the development and upgrading of skills; the definition of strategies in the redesign of processes and services; the selection and implementation of the best solutions available on the market with a "best fit" approach; and the management and evolution of the services managed. Combining these 4 pillars of strategic innovation, but in particular thanks to its Centres of Excellence (from Change Management to its Project Management centre, or Data Analytics centre to Automation centre), Engineering has become a place where business meets technology.

The White Paper "Where Business meets Technology" is part of a published series where Engineering shares the most important technological and market trends in digital transformation.

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