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Municipia (Engineering Group) and Yunex Traffic Italia (Mundys Group) join forces to accelerate the digital transformation of urban mobility in Italy

Municipia (Engineering Group) and Yunex Traffic Italia (Mundys Group) join forces to accelerate the digital transformation of urban mobility in Italy

Signature of a memorandum of understanding with the aim of supporting the digitalization of mobility & traffic management processes in Italian cities, as part of the drive to cut CO2 emissions and boost the efficiency of urban traffic flows.

Rome, February 20 2024

  • Creation of an ecosystem of platforms that, through Artificial Intelligence, will build a "digital twin" of urban mobility systems on which to develop value-added services in support of local authorities.

Municipia, a company of the Engineering Group led by Maximo Ibarra and leader in the digitalization of processes for companies and PA, and Yunex Traffic Italia, a Mundys Group company and a global leader in the field of intelligent traffic systems, announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (mou) with the aim of enabling and supporting the digitalization and innovation of mobility & traffic management processes in Italian cities.

Under the agreement, the two companies will immediately bring together their proprietary solutions for the innovation of urban mobility to create a modular ecosystem of platforms: the Mobility Digital Twin. This will use AI algorithms in predictive mode to allow the processing, aggregation and interpretation, of data collected using IoT systems active around the territory (cameras, sensors, on-board units, weather stations, air quality monitoring units). This will enable the near-real time management of mobility, acting directly on the technological field equipment and on the offer of mobility services to city users. The result will be the creation of a "digital twin" of urban mobility systems, on which services are implemented in support of local authorities such as:

  • proactive management of mobility demand and urban road traffic (dynamic regulation of traffic lights, intelligent vehicle prioritization with particular reference to local public transport or cycling, real-time information on variable electronic message signs or travel apps);
  • optimized management of infrastructure and urban spaces, both for people and goods (planning of road maintenance with traffic impact forecasts, changes in access and transit time slots in Restricted Traffic Zones, info-parking services also for cargo/unloading bays);
  • flexible provision of local public transport and shared mobility services;
  • the dynamic application of regulatory schemes and tariffs for access, transit, parking, use of local public transport and urban logistics activities, with management of the processes involved in authorisation and levying fines;
  • seamless use of mobility services through a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) application (a multimodal journey planner, booking and payment services for local public transport, shared vehicles and access and parking services in a single channel, information on special equipment and services for users with reduced mobility).

The collaboration between Municipia and Yunex Traffic Italia aims to promote a public-private partnership model for Project Financing in the implementation, management and continuous technological evolution of digital platforms for cities. , This will entail experimenting with innovative forms of collaboration and regulation, including exploitation of the real benefits in terms of reducing the external costs of local mobility (accident rates, congestion, pollution, noise, land occupation) and all the positive effects on the urban and territorial system, providing an explicit link to the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Stefano De Capitani, CEO of Municipia, said: "The agreement with Yunex Traffic Italia is part of our strategy to develop cities and their services for city users based on innovation, sustainability and social inclusion. The digital ecosystem resulting from the integration of our solutions with those of our partner will generate new value, implementing an end-to-end model of management and new processes for mobility regulation, infrastructure programming, the use of urban spaces and management of services, enhancing collaboration between the public and private sectors, also with a view to Business Process Outsourcing".

Gino Franco, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic Italia, commented: "Major cities around the world, including metropolises such as Dubai, Berlin, Bogotá and Miami, are already using our intelligent solutions to manage traffic, improve air quality, increase road safety and reduce road congestion. In Italy, we are currently witnessing a profound wave of transformation that includes the development of smart cities, the concerted pursuit of sustainability goals, and the optimization of traffic management systems. As the Mundys Group’s technology player, we aim to put sustainability at the heart of our business strategy, focusing on mobility at global level. For us, the partnership with Municipia marks a first tangible step towards making the know-how developed by Yunex Traffic in Germany and around the world available to our urban areas, promoting a more sustainable approach to mobility and improving the end user experience.”



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