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Digital Citizenship

Welfare, employment, health and safety.

Digital Ecosystems and business model

Our point of view

The Digital Citizenship ecosystem covers all aspects of our life, exploiting the transversal power of data to create services that improve our way of living and working.

An ecosystem built around three stakeholders and their mutual rights and responsibilities: the citizen, government institutions and communities.

This digital ecosystem covers all aspects of citizenship, from welfare and employment to healthcare and security, and more…


Digital Transformation in Healthcare, Public Administration and Welfare must be complete, specialistic and able to integrate with the other digital ecosystems that operate in the community.

Dario Buttitta

General Director Public Administration & Healthcare, Engineering

It is necessary to offer a citizen experience that enables the person to be aware of the attention paid to their daily needs. This is implemented by increasing the quality of public services through digital technologies and efficient management processes.

Stefano De Capitani

Presidente di Municipia, Engineering Group