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From access to cities to paying for parking, up to the sustainable care of vehicles and infrastructures.


Our point of view

Our Smart Mobility ecosystem is built around three main stakeholders: the person who needs to move, the vehicle that will be used to move and the infrastructures on which the person will move.

This ecosystem covers all aspects of mobility from city access, parking, payment through to actual management of the mobility independently from the type of vehicle (private or public transport) used, including the management of infrastructures and the related energy grid.

It is ready to accommodate the expected shift from private mobility (your own car) to an integrated, traveler centric, mobility as a service platform to leverage all available options. With predictive maintenance looking after vehicles and infrastructures alike.


The use of new technologies is dramatically changing the way we move. We place citizens at the heart of an ecosystem of services and solutions, able to guarantee a mobility that goes beyond the transport means used, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

Alfredo Belsito

Automotive and Industries eXcellence, Engineering