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Redesigning a new healthcare for cure, care and prevention.

E-Health Telehealth

E-Health Digital Transformation
must be total and specialistic

Extracting value from information and data is the factor that enables us to meet the “intensity of data” required by the new models and instruments of cure and care.
Thanks to a data-driven approach, in fact, all those involved in the Health System have easy access to all the information that is useful for “taking care” of patients, in addition to treating them.

E-Health Digital Transformation must be total and specialized. Only through digitalisation across all areas and processes of healthcare it is possible to activate and free the true potential of digitalisation in healthcare, without any data loopholes or "compulsory paperwork". Only through highly specialised digital solutions can the quality of treatments and organizational models evolve.
E-Health e Cittadinanza Digitale

Healthcare and Digital Citizenship:
a virtuous ecosystem

The future of E-Health goes hand in hand with Digital Citizenship, where Health System and the Public Administration unite and interact to take care of citizens, anticipating their needs instead of responding to their healthcare requests.

Health systems must transform into digital ecosystems, where new technologies (AI & Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning algorithms, Digital Twin, Augmented and Virtual Reality) become, while respecting privacy, the tools to anticipate individual health needs, improving care capacity and socio-economic sustainability.

A countrywide ecosystem (public and private) believing in Digital Transformation will know how to push forward policies for health and care that can deliver “action and prevention” through the transversal use of data and its inherent power. Only in this way will it succeed in anticipating the problem instead of reacting to the problem. Preventing it from become a social issue rather than a health issue.

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