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Renewable Management

Discover Engineering's composable platform for Renewable Energy Communities management and digital governance of the Consumer-Prosumer Ecosystem.

Renewable Management

Active and mindful participation in the energy transition: a sustainable, decentralized and digital model

Renewables play a key role in the battle against climate change, improve energy security, support economic growth and promote sustainable development. Their deployment is crucial to accelerate the energy transition.

The renewables challenge is played out on multiple fronts:

Sources of investment. It is imperative to invest in research and development and to adopt public policies that encourage the widespread adoption of renewable energy to build a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future for all. Not only, therefore, the PNRR's 2.2 billion euros for the promotion of CERs in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants; the MASE has also provided economic resources to produce 5 Gigawatts of power that can be delivered by 2026, and not counting the measures taken in the Regional Plans

A model of direct citizen engagement and active participation. Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) can take different legal forms: associations, cooperatives or companies. RECs can install renewable energy production facilities and share the energy among the participants, reducing dependence on the electricity grid and costs on the bill. Energy communities can also offer energy management, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and environmental education services

The development of E2E technology solutions for energy efficiency management. Our Renewable Efficiency Management System (REMS) platform is designed to support the activities of Energy Community members with an end-to-end approach applied to the business processes and operational activities involved in the production, distribution and consumption of energy from renewable sources. REMS contributes to the governance of the entire consumer-prosumer ecosystem and supports the entire CER lifecycle

The public-private partnership (ESco). Municipia, a company of the Engineering Group, extends its capabilities in the field of public-private Energy Community through a full outsourcing approach, ensuring technical and financial support in the construction phase of the plant for energy production from renewable sources and its operational management through ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services.

Renewable Efficiency Management System: our solution for the governance of the overall digital renewables ecosystem

REMS is Engineering's vertical solution for the management of Energy Communities within a wider consumer-prosumer digital ecosystem. In the first case it allows:

  • Manage the onboarding of Community members
  • Support the administrative tasks for CERs and the management of the GSE incentives
  • Verify the sustainability of CERs through simulations
  • Analysing the consumption behaviors of the community to promote actions to maximise the incentive.

For the Governance and Decision Support System component, the REMS ecosystem approach can:

  • Capture insights from other business process management systems in the digital ecosystem
  • Enhance information assets, also by providing a set of Dashboards
  • Support production and consumption analysis of any kind
  • Facilitate the development of data-driven digital strategies.

Our impact on the world

How to effectively contribute, through new technologies, to production from renewable sources, urban regeneration, respect for the environment, redistribution of energy income, and energy transition?

How to facilitate the incentive management process of the NRRP, the Regional Energy Plans, the GSE, the MASE?

How to support the entire digital renewables ecosystem and the activities of Renewable Energy Community members?

Read the infographic, listen to the podcast and find out how our platforms, case studies and research projects support the whole renewables ecosystem, RES deployment and the energy transition.
Engineering's vision for the NRRP

Engineering & NRRP, one mission

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) represents a fundamental development opportunity for Italy to bring about changes that will benefit society as a whole, redefining the contours of the country’s economic, social, and cultural fabric.

Technology represents the great enabling factor of this transformation: the digital revolution today requires us to rethink our world not only in terms of efficiency but also sustainability.

Engineering has always sought to improve the world in which we live and work through the use of cutting-edge technologies. The NRRP accelerates and supports what has always been our mission: to be the main partner for the transformation of the country, from companies to institutions.