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Heating Management

Discover Engineering's composable platform for district heating: an end-to-end approach applied to business processes and operations.

District Heating for energy efficiency

District Heating for energy efficiency

The production of electricity from renewable sources is one of the most important drivers for achieving the goal of decarbonization by 2030 and, in a context of progressive updating of energy strategies, Mission 2 of the NRPP provides for a specific investment line for the financing of projects related to the construction of new District Heating networks, or the extension of existing ones, for a total volume of 200 million euro.

In fact, District Heating represents a strategic solution for achieving urban energy efficiency, thanks to the possibility of recovering excess heat produced and the integration of local renewables. District Heating is a simple, clean and safe alternative to traditional gas heating.

To support the challenges of District Heating operators, we have developed the Heating Efficiency Management System (HEMS), a solution that enables end-to-end management of business processes and operational activities involved in District Heating production and distribution.
Heating Efficiency Management System: our solution for district heating

Heating Efficiency Management System: our solution for district heating

HEMScomplete life cycle of district heating management:

  • Plant heat management and thermoregulation
  • Coverage of all user contract lifecycle phases
  • Governance, Monitoring and Decision Support
  • Maintenance planning and alert management
  • Management of NRPP targets and ARERA KPIs
  • Periodic reports to Regulatory Authorities.

Our solution is built on Data Integration, with information from multiple heterogeneous sources (IoT measurements arriving from the substation, maintenance data, user behavior, weather forecasts, ...) and allows the creation of indicators in the main areas of interest for the Authority:

  • Effectiveness: Energy balance, consumption by energy vector of each of the units, types of energy produced, useful heat cogenerated, ...
  • Efficiency: Savings in non-renewable primary energy, waste heat recovery and thermal renewables, ...
  • Quality of service: enhancement of interaction with users, optimization of return temperatures, utilization curves.

Our impact on the world

The ecological transition is an absolute must in the energy development of our society; decarbonization is a strategic goal of the European Community and of our country.

Effective use of district heating has, in this scenario, several positive impacts: diversification of energy sources, reduction of emissions, increased energy efficiency, reduction of operating costs and simplicity in the management of user plants. Digital plays an essential role in the process: starting by rethinking together the way we produce and consume heat.

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Engineering's vision for the NRRP

Engineering & NRRP, one mission

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) represents a fundamental development opportunity for Italy to bring about changes that will benefit society as a whole, redefining the contours of the country’s economic, social, and cultural fabric.

Technology represents the great enabling factor of this transformation: the digital revolution today requires us to rethink our world not only in terms of efficiency but also sustainability.

Engineering has always sought to improve the world in which we live and work through the use of cutting-edge technologies. The NRRP accelerates and supports what has always been our mission: to be the main partner for the transformation of the country, from companies to institutions.