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Smart Energy & Utilities

We evolve business models and processes along the entire energy chain, according to the paradigms of Digital Transformation.

Smart Energy

Fostering energy transition, accelerating electric flexibility, using GenAI: new challenges for Energy & Utlities industry

Over the past 40 years, the world's primary energy consumption has more than doubled and will grow by nearly 50 percent between 2019 and 2050. These are constantly changing estimates, as is the global geopolitical landscape and the resulting impacts on raw materials, energy sources, and even the energy policies of states.

But there is no doubt that several forces are profoundly changing the energy market along its supply chain. On the one hand, uncertainties, and geopolitical turmoil with repercussions on sources and raw materials; on the other, climate change with its disruptive effects on societies but also on manufacturing activities.

What will be the evolutions of the Energy & Utilities market? What challenges will global players face?
Smart Energy

Industry evolutions stem from several global drivers

  • Digital Transformation, which redesigns traditional processes and business models through "enabling" digital technologies
  • Technology-based Trust, which will allow Customers to operate on safe IT ecosystems that do not involve a central authority, thus reducing possible frictions between ecosystem participants
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency, the energy of the future will be stored locally. In this process, the final consumer will adopt a new identity, as both energy "producer" and "re-seller"
  • Power to the Digital Player, as we live a "democratization" of technology, where digital players open up tools and information, previously available for a few actors, for other stakeholders.
Smart City

How the digital revolution is empowering Climate Action

The use of digital platforms allows us to reduce water losses, big data analysis enables monitoring the evolution of natural phenomena, there are many benefits of high-energy-efficient buildings, more sustainable public transportation, and ever-smarter agriculture.

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