Engineering: leader della Digital Transformation

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Smart Government

We design a more effective and sustainable government system, from core processes to the new digital citizenship.

Innovazione digitale e smart government

Trends, challenges and opportunities

The forced acceleration of Digital Transformation in the public sector brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent opportunities linked to the PNRR (Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan are opening up an extraordinary opportunity for change in the Public Administration that has long been hoped for and can no longer be postponed.

Even some technologies that until a few years ago might have been regarded as 'frontier' technologies are now being attentively looked at by the public sector, with a number of experiences, ranging from the prototype stage to actual use:

All Digital Transformation processes are changing the user experience of citizens, which makes it necessary to consider operational and organisational models that favour interaction.

Competences, innovation, and local presence in all spheres of government, with a focus on the individual.

On the strength of these pillars, Engineering is a key partner for Central and Local Public Administrations in the paths towards Digital Transformation.

In over thirty years we have guided Italian public bodies in the transformations that have changed the way they manage processes, store data, make professionals work, and communicate with citizens and businesses, bringing digital technology into everyday life: from the first data centres to modern cloud infrastructures, from office automation to the native digitalisation of processes, from websites to the user experience designed around each person.

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