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We redesign the space and the relationship in healthcare ecosystems.

Digital Health and E-Health

Our contribution to Telemedicine

Care and distancing: during the Covid-19 pandemic, these two parallel concerns have allowed telemedicine to finally carve out a well-deserved space in the world of healthcare, taking on a significant role in support and care processes.

In this context, Engineering is working to reinforce the "legitimacy" of telemedicine, in addition to exploring the broader telehealth field and providing organisations with specific software solutions and services, driven by an up-to-date understanding of this topic and the value it provides.
E-Health pillar of the New Normal in Italy too

Telemedicine: looking to the future of the New Normal

As we enter a new normal Telemedicine, now a permanent part of the processes for seeking and maintaining health, will be at the heart of the profound yet inevitable transformation of Proximity Medicine.

This latter concept decentralises health interventions, making them accessible to people in their own community - where they live and work - and creating a structure that promotes health maintenance and treatment by way of a network of essential professionals and services.


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Public Administration and Healthcare Consulting Manager, Engineering

Laura Calvanico

Smart Government Innovation Director, Engineering

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Public Administration and Healthcare Consulting Director, Engineering

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Healthcare Innovation Project Manager, Engineering

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