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Examples of Telemedicine use

A new era for Telemedicine in Italy: some examples

Telemedicine enters a new era: it is transforming from an “emergency option”, for the provision of healthcare services during the Covid19 pandemic, into a strategic solution for a healthcare that is closer to people, as envisaged by the the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan with Mission 6, where prevention and territorial care are finally balanced with hospital care.

In this new era, Telemedicine is called to reach a further evolutionary stage whose distinctive and interconnected features are:

  • stable entry into the processes of prevention, care and treatment
  • governance.

The investment envisaged by the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan is geared to their concrete implementation. It is intended, on the one hand, to strengthen local telemedicine solutions (i.e. the software adopted in the Regional Health Services by the Health Authorities for the provision of remote clinical and care services) and, on the other hand, for the creation of the National Telemedicine Platform.
National Telemedicine Platform

Engineering's strategic role: the National Telemedicine Platform and the PNRR

At Engineering we are working to make the “characters” of the new Telemedicine a reality, with our new ellipse telemedicine solutions, equipped with an architecture that - in terms of interoperability, business/functional model and information richness designed together with clinicians - represents the most contemporary answer to concretely support the stable entry of Telemedicine in the processes of prevention, assistance and care, as well as related governance.

Our organisational, functional, application-based and architectural knowledge on Telemedicine is the foundation on which ellipse RemoteCare has been designed and on which we have successfully put forward our candidature for the National Telemedicine Platform (NTP), which we will manage and implement in partnership with Almaviva.

It is also the ‘calling card’ to accompany our customers towards the challenging pathways of Telemedicine deployment that they are called upon to undertake both in terms of the Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan and the necessary adaptation required by the NTP. The examples in the paper show how our ability and practicality in implementation are crucial so that the time factor, which will be crucial, is not an insurmountable obstacle.

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