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Robotic Process Automation

We guide the development of a valuable
Robotic Industrialization Office.

Our team of accredited professionals ensures structured governance with a smart methodological approach.
This allows us to support organizations in discovering time-consuming processes suitable for: RPA implementation, desktop assisted automation, business applications optimization, with robotic pool orchestration for efficient task demand management
  • Operational analysis and evaluation of processes to be automated
  • As-Is analysis of processes and To-Be definition thanks to Best Practices and our domain and technology competencies
  • Design of automation flows in slender and solid steps in order to allow fast, ready-to-use releases and investment planning with the benefits of the single automated step
  • Automation Solutions Validation (User training, Governance model, IT support) & Monitoring (KPI, fine-tuning, evolutionary guidelines)
Engineering RPA
  • 1° Partner NICE EMEA CoE RPA, fundamentals, Automation advanced (desktop, full robotics), Installation platform
  • UIPath: Business Analysis, solution architect, security, etc.
  • Automation Anywhere: Business Analysis, Developer
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+20 Professionals

+30 Projects

+15 National Clients

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White Paper

Robotic Process Automation

Process automation to enhance the human component of work 4.0.

Engineering RPA

Case Study

RPA to manage Covid-19 swabs

By adopting RPA technology, we have optimized SARS-CoV-2 swab outcome management, reducing errors and processing times

Engineering RPA

Case Study

Automation is possible, even in banks

In this project, we used RPA to improve the processes of a credit institute (from GNP calculation to census records), reducing timeframes and errors.


Case Study

RPA: anti-money laundering has a new partner

From 60 to 2 minutes to complete a procedure without making mistakes. This is one of the goals we have achieved by automating the processes of a well-known private banking institution.