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Nexen Business Consulting

Vision and knowledge to turn challenges into opportunities.

The mission of Nexen

We help our customers improve their relationships with stakeholders, extracting value from data and processes.
Nexen is the best partner considering its distinguishing features:
  • Strategic vision
  • Deep knowledge in Finance
  • Strongly multi-disciplinary and result-oriented approach
  • Ability to manage the whole lifecycle of projects, accompanying the customer in any phase.
  • Standardization, in addition to full and effective automation of analysis processes.

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Nexen Business Consulting professionals

Strategic, business and regulatory consultancy for the Finance sector

Nexen Business Consulting, within the Finance Department of Engineering Group, is the consulting company that combines competence, expertise and innovation in providing Strategic, Business and Regulatory support to the primary banks, insurance companies and financial institutions, trying to change their way of managing data and processes and driving them to new digital ecosystems.

Nexen has over 160 professionals working in 9 business offices nationwide in Italy. It brings together its longstanding experience gained over the years on Compliance, Processes and Organization. Its offering is focused on professional integrated services of Process & Data Management, Governance, Risk, Regulatory Management, Audit & Compliance, Relationship Management, Credit Management, Operations & Business Process Services for Financial and Insurance Institutions.

The Regulatory and Market Observatory is the core of its operational model. It is made up of experts who liaise with Supervisory Bodies and Authorities in addition to industry analysts, who monitor the evolution of regulations and market and analyze their impacts.

Clienti Medio/Grandi

Banche/Istituti Finanziari


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High-impact themes


MIS - Management Information System

Single Resolution Board and EBA have set the guidelines that Information Systems of Financial Intermediaries (Management Information System – MIS) must apply to obtain a structured Valuation Process. SRB Valuation Dataset establishes the essential set of information that shall permit the business owner to evolve towards the constant, precise and prompt governance of the assessment process.

Nexen is deeply focused on regulatory and market needs and plays a primary role in helping the customer tackle the changes underway, leveraging its longstanding experience on regulatory issues and its broad background of competences also related to applications.

Nexen value proposition, pursuant to MIS guidelines, is complete and modular. It starts from the assessment of gaps to bridge resulting into a compliant solution tailored for the customer, up to the implementation of Business Intelligence tools to enhance regulatory information assets for their certification and their clear presentation to supervisory authorities.

Regulatory Analytics

Helping Governance structures use information assets adopting an extremely user-friendly approach.

Regulatory information assets are extensively increasing and becoming even more granular. Therefore, on the one hand we need to monitor data punctually, while on the other hand we need to give a value to information assets. Nexen has the key elements to give a concrete answer in the commitment to offer the banking and financial system specific tools of Business Intelligence for Regulatory Reporting, Governance and Compliance.

These tools allow the user to explore information easily and quickly with different views: from cross analysis to period comparison, from event geopositioning to governance or management reporting dashboards. A range of constantly being enriched applications for several areas such as AnaCredit, EBA Risk Indicators, FinRep and CoRep, Financial Statement and Direct Reporting, non-harmonized statistical Matrixes and comparison with Bankitalia Return Flows, Statistical Matrixes for Holding Companies.

ESG - Sustainability

Sustainability is not only an ethical aim but a financial and business purpose too. Then, the analysis of ESG factors (Environmental, Social and Governance) is going to pair off with the more traditional financial analysis, improving business insights.

Nexen has a specific value proposition and solutions for the integrated management of ESG ecosystem in areas such as: credit management, financial products diversification, management of the new risks, regulatory adaptation and disclosure, corporate compliance and transparency. Nexen consulting mainly focuses on:

  • CREDIT for the design of ESG Scoring/Rating questionnaires, for the integration of ESG factors in the process of loan origination and monitoring in accordance with EBA/GL/2020/06 - LOM
  • RISK for the assessment and integrated management of ESG risks for estimation models, forecast analysis, scenario, stress testing and enterprise-wide risk assessment (Business Plan, ICAAP/ILAAP, Recovery Plan, NPE, ecc.)
  • REGULATORY for the gap analysis and compilation of Pillar III disclosure templates on environmental, social and governance risks (Green Asset Ratio) and sustainability reporting on GRI Standards.

CME - Credit Management Expertise

We help banks and financial institutions with our consultation services on accounts’ registry and credit in order to bring innovation, grant compliance with EU requirements (i.e. EBA LOM) and change the offering.

Our mission is becoming a reliable partner for Business users and IT managers in the development of solutions for credit and collateral systems with regard to:

  • operations of securitization transactions, transfer/acquisition of performing loans, UTP and/or NPL, impact analysis and application of regulatory requirements
  • changes in information systems related to princing, accounts’ registry, credit, Covenant and Early Warning systems in order to have end-to-end processes and reach out customers immediately
  • analysis and presentation of fintech companies in order to integrate bank services offering especially for SMEs.

We accompany our customers in the implementation of EBA LOM guidelines and in the process tuning of loan origination and monitoring, even related to ESG.

BPO & BackOffice

Thanks to its BPO and BackOffice models Nexen is able to provide a flexible and open service where the customer can decide which process phases can be delegated, always in continuity with his business processes, towards seamless, on demand, pay per use and multi-cloud modes.

The main services are:
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Anti-fraud
  • Audit & Compliance
  • Risk Management & Basel Regulation
  • Securitisations
  • Warranties
  • Customer View
  • Accounting & Regulatory Reporting
  • Campaign Management & Market Automation
  • Loans
  • Factoring
  • Leasing
  • Consumer Credit
  • Document Management
  • Digital Onboarding (KYC)

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