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Our IT & Management Academy.

We do IT. We teach IT.

To address the challenges of the market by focusing on the preparation and updating of those who work with us. It is with this conviction that we founded the "Enrico Della Valle" IT & Management Academy in Ferentino, near Rome, in 2000.

The Academy , which makes available an integrated logistics and residency system to all course participants, is equipped with 16 state-of-the-art computerized classrooms, a lecture hall which can host up to 140 people, a library, a testing center where professional certification exams are carried out and a corporate restaurant.

Once it had become one of the leading Italian Corporate Schools on Information Technology, in 2009 the Academy also opened its doors to the outside and we began to share the experience and know-how gained during the many years of activity with our customers.

Knowledge, know-how, knowing how to be.

Our training offer is structured over these three levels of knowledge. A path with hundreds of courses and vertical workshops which allows you to learn, improve, and certify technical, methodological, practical and managerial skills, to which a prestigious production of multimedia contents has been added in recent years. Our Team has in fact, created ForENG, a Learning Management System which allows an increasingly effective and efficient integration of face-to-face training with knowledge management tools specifically designed for the corporate population, supplying you with high-production multimedia contents which can be used at any time on all devices. Thanks to ForENG, you can also plan and manage your attendance at the School’s lessons wherever you are.

Our teachers come from all over the world and are chosen according to the skills they have acquired in the field, the certifications they possess and their learning experience. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate and – through questionnaires, assessment tests and interviews – we will understand what you have learned and whether you are satisfied with our teaching.



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Ferdinando Lo Re

Five questions to... Ferdinando Lo Re

For twenty years, the "Enrico Della Valle" IT & Management Academy has been a fundamental asset for the Engineering Group. What are its objectives and how does it help to define our Value Proposition? How did you deal with the crisis of the pandemic and the impossibility of organising face-to-face classes? What training demands are being expressed by the market and which issues, technologies and methodologies are of greatest interest to our partners?

The Director of our Academy tells us about the value and importance of training to meet the challenges of Digital Transformation.

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