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Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security

Facilitare l'acquisizione, la gestione e la distribuzione sicura dei dati relativi alle operazioni militari e di sicurezza nazionale, nonché al supporto logistico legato al dominio marittimo, terrestre, aereo, spaziale e cibernetico.

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Digital Defense, Aerospace & Homeland Security

ENABLINGTECHNOLOGIES AR / VR / MR IOT Cybersecurity AI & AdvancedAnalytics ENABLINGSERVICES Business & User Services IT Consulting MobileApplications UX & ServiceDesign Digital Communication& Strategy Intelligence Maritime Space HomelandSecurity Defense Maritime SituationalAwareness System Maritime SafetySystems Port State Control solutions Flag State Inspections solutions Earth ObservationApplications Data Collection & Elaboration Border ControlSystems Visa ManagementSystems Law Enforcement Command SupportSystems Document ManagementSystems Military MessageHandling Systems Network Security IntelligenceSystems Collection Analysis Appreciation DATA INFRASTRUCTURE
Ensure physical and software measures to prevent and protect unauthorized accesses to networks, their misuse or the improper disclosure of information. Collect, manage and process data to obtain information for internal security purposes. Analyze events and activities that can impact the maritime environment, representing a threat for the safety of vessels and mariners. Manage strategic and operational military activities in an accurate and secure manner. Digitalise, organise and safely store organization's documents providing controlled and facilitated access. Securely exchange information between militaries in an accurate and fast manner, according to specific standards. Analyze and react to events and activities that can impact the safety of vessels at sea, mariners and environment. Support ship inspections in port to react in cases of non-compliancy with international laws, evaluating ships' conditions and equipment. Support monitoring, by Flag State Inspectors, of the on-board standards of vessels (e.g. structure, machinery and equipment, operational testing of safety equipment, etc.) Collect and monitor earth physical, chemical, biological systems to assess its status using technological advanced tools and applications. Support the acquisition, validation, storage and processing of data to obtain valuable information. Monitor movements of people and goods between countries and at sea, facilitating control procedures and maintaining a high level of security. Facilitate the application and approval process of issuing visas via travel agencies, airlines, embassies, and web portals, maintaining a high level of security. Enable the application of specific security protocols and procedures concerning security. Services aimed to enhance, evolve and support end users in the adoption and use of business and technology solutions in the modern workplace. Services aimed to ensure the optimal coverage of Clients' business needs through technology. Services aimed to design, develop, implement and maintain omnichannel (including mobile) applications for connected devices. Services aimed to design software applications and services focusing on the quality of user experience and interfaces. Services aimed to design and implement Clients' strategies related to brand, online positioning and multimedia.

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Engineering Innovation

Engineering Innovation Delivering the power of Innovation triggered by ideas

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Digital Transformation

Engineering Digital Transformation: dove sta avvenendo il cambiamento? Quali sono gli elementi fondanti?

Case Study

Sonar bistatici per la Marina Militare

Una piattaforma innovativa che utilizza sensori sonar bistatici per identificare e tracciare oggetti sottomarini in ambienti critici.

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Digital Workplace

Trasformiamo il modo in cui lavoriamo, impariamo e collaboriamo attraverso piattaforme digitali, in totale sicurezza, ovunque ed in qualsiasi momento.

Case Study

Tecnologie per la salvaguardia dell’arte

Una piattaforma digitale per la tutela e la prevenzione del patrimonio artistico europeo dalle calamità naturali e dai cambiamenti climatici.

Case Study

Agenzia Spaziale Europea: un mare sicuro

Integrazione di domini tecnologici diversi per una navigazione sicura.

Case Study

Smart Underwater Platform

Case Study

Marina digitale: Echo System

Il Comando Flottiglia Sommergibili si affida ai nostri esperti per rendere i sommergibili più efficienti grazie a una piattaforma decisionale innovativa