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ICT Management Leadership Programme

We developed a Change Leadership program and Change Management projects for ICT managers of a major multinational non-governmental organization.

Approach & Solution



A multinational non-governmental organization, leader in international peacekeeping missions, needed to develop and implement a Leadership program for its managers operating in the ICT sector, in order to help them act out their role with the tools and knowledge most in line with the current concept of Leadership and with the mission of the organization to which they belong.

The program, born on an international basis, has then given way, on a local level in different countries, to further specific Change Management projects to adapt the roles and interactions of the representatives of different business areas to the dynamics more "compliant" with the best practices and the mission of the organization.


The solution included an initial analysis aimed at understanding in a precise and detailed manner the needs and objectives of the recipients of the intervention. The program was then built through articulated training and communication initiatives delivered in various modes (presence, distance, forum and community).

The initiatives were aimed at creating committment, minimizing resistance, and strengthening knowledge for preparation for the new role.

On the basis of the analysis of these questionnaires, coaching sessions were subsequently organized with individual participants to create the right follow-up and reinforcement towards those skills that needed more redirection.


Development of the figure of the leader (about 300 managers involved)

Sharing of tools, techniques and stimuli for personal development

"On the job" actions based on individual results achieved

Construction of the new role based on all the core values of the organization

Project value

Process performance

Project Team

Change Management