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The Digital Twin of Maximo Ibarra: an AI-powered avatar




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We have created a Digital Twin of Maximo Ibarra, our CEO, with whom you can interact through a virtual reality avatar that learns and grows over time. This offers a concrete and enjoyable use case to illustrate what artificial intelligence can do and how it can evolve in the future.


Illustrate a real use case of the potential of AI combined with Digital Twin and Extended Reality.


We created a Digital Twin of our CEO Maximo Ibarra with whom you can interact in the Metaverse to discover Eng and technology trends.


An avatar that understands the natural language of the user with which it interacts and reasons, thanks to our proprietary engine, EngGPT.


Artificial Intelligence in Action

New technologies can revolutionize the world we live in, but their impact is often challenging to showcase. We've launched this project to demonstrate the potential of artificial intelligence in a more practical and engaging manner, by adopting and combining various technologies and platforms on which we constantly work on, such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Twin and Extended Reality, with our dedicated competence centers, Digital Experience and Data & Analytics.

It all starts with our generative artificial intelligence platform, EngGPT, which enables training the avatar on a wide array of content from various sources, including videos, texts, interviews, and other structured and unstructured materials.
To bring the actual avatar to life, we partnered with Igoodi, who, with their technologies, created an incredibly lifelike avatar.

The avatar was crafted through a detailed scan of Maximo Ibarra's body and facial expressions, thus reproducing a Digital Twin, a true digital replica.

Artificial Intelligence in Action

Thanks to the technological and domain expertise of our competence centers, Digital Experience and Data & Analytics, along with the partnership with Igoodi, we've developed an advanced AI solution that enables users to interact with the avatar of Maximo Ibarra. This happens within virtual environments, like the Metaverse, where our Digital Experience team has been working for some time to implement use cases and real projects for our clients.

The solution is highly flexible, allowing for the selection of very detailed characteristics of the avatar (e.g., related to appearance or voice), thus enabling the replication of a real person in the digital world.

Our avatar retrieves information and generates responses leveraging EngGPT, our proprietary engine developed by our Data & Analytics competence center. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, our avatar understands the user's natural language with whom it interacts and reasons.
This combination allows harnessing both the general knowledge of a language model and domain-specific expertise, ensuring consistently coherent conversations adaptable to any context.

In fact, our EngGPT engine, constructed using existing open-source models and enriched with proprietary optimization techniques developed by our Data & Analytics competence center, is highly customizable. It can be further adapted to deliver performance comparable to that of ChatGPT 3.5.

Data and information confidentiality and security are ensured, including the option for on-premise installation.
Maximo Ibarra
What we've done so far is just a starting point. I like to think that on a scale from 1 to 100, we're probably at 0.01. Let's imagine everyone having this platform on their smartphone to create their own avatar that assists you from morning till night. I'd say we're facing a very interesting, very exciting prospect.
Maximo Ibarra
CEO & General Manager, Engineering


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