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Digital transformation through Manufacturing Operations Management

We created a MOM pilot solution for a hightly automated switch assembly line.

Approach & Solution

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An international manufacturer of hand tools involved Engineering to pursue a Digital Transformation program in Manufacturing Operations Management.
The goals of the digitalisation path were:
  • Reduce information silos in the manufacturing environment
  • Optimize the production activities and the efficiency of the plant processes with relative improvement of the control/monitoring by the management
  • Reduce the use of paper supports
  • Improve accuracy in defining delivery dates to customers.


The MOM solution, provided by Engineering, was created through the integration of three components: MES, Scheduler, Andon.

The MES is the backbone of the solution allowing for bi-directional integration between the ERP system (SAP) and the store. The Scheduler provided production planning functionality, while the Andon provided visualization of production progress on the line.

The solution provided the following macro-functions:
  • Production management and progress
  • Product traceability
  • Management of defective products
  • Management of reworks.


Improvement of the information flow between the various company functions

Improvement of management control over production

Elimination of paper supports

More accuracy in defining delivery dates to customers

Project value

Process performance

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