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SAP CX / CRM: Innovation for the downstream market

We implemented a contact to cash process, as part of an international project, optimising the credit, invoicing and payments management activities.

Approach & Solution



In the downstream market, a leading Oil Company needed to provide its sales force with an application for the extension of the contact to cash process as part of its Sales Force Automation process and to share the solution with a number of foreign European affiliates.

It was necessary to implement an information system in the SAP CX / CRM realm, based on an SaaS Cloud architecture, integrated both at the process level (from the contact to the order management phases), as well as at the application level, with the involvement of other SAP back-end customer business systems.

Engineering had to ensure results in terms of resource efficiency and effectiveness, with a relative reduction in the time it took to prepare periodic reports. We accepted the challenge with a solution that saw the collaboration of teams with expertise in terms of both process and technology.


The solution fits within the Wholesale phase of the Utilities market supply chain, with a focus on Customer Engagement activities.
Thanks to the architecture adopted for our solution, the company considered us as a “first mover” in the SAP CX / CRM realm. We in fact anticipated the development of Representational State Transfer (REST) services on the SAP Cloud Platform (IT Consulting) , applying a methodology designed to adhere to the standard platform best practices and defining a master model valid for all the countries in which the affiliates involved operate.

Moreover, we also managed IT Consulting services for system development/roll-out and Business & User Service activities for the provision of multi-language training for the types of user profiles envisaged. .
The new system has helped optimise the credit exposure, invoicing, payments, revenues and margins processes.


A competitive advantage on costs, revenues and market share

Timely sales information

Greater user satisfaction with reduced response times

Increase of operator productivity

Project value

Process performance
Cost cutting

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