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Change Management Program for Executives, Managers and Staff

We have created a Change Management path for an institution committed to agricultural innovation.

Approach & Solution



A public law entity with the mission of development and innovation of regional agriculture has gone through a phase of redefinition of its organizational structure.

The change took place in a context of uncertainty and complexity due to the introduction of new regulatory directives, the change in political balance and the emergence of renewed economic and social needs.

The organization therefore sought our collaboration to undertake a Change Management program with which to provide its managers, middle managers and all staff with the appropriate tools to develop an integrated culture.


The program was built on a visioning path and a consequent managerial model that would allow it to be interpreted and implemented correctly. Behavioral models were created for the staff which, through the learning and adoption of communication and relationship management techniques appropriate to the working context, contributed to developing professional skills and individual performance.

In the program, Change Leadership interventions were implemented to create a concrete culture of change and offer managers an effective “method” to face the complexity of their role. Finally, individual coaching, team coaching and team building plans were carried out aimed at improving the performance and organizational well-being of the teams, developing the potential and overcoming the critical points for achieving the objectives.

The actions concerned the following areas: Organization, Innovation, Leadership, Team & Knowledge Management.


Involvement and training of over 100 people

Development of the figure of Managers

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Process performance

Project Team

Change Management