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A Promo Management Tool for JTI

A flexible tool and standardised sales data, collected from the different channels, to centralise global promotions management.

Approach & Solution



Once the critical issues of AS-IS were defined, we supported JTI in designing a technical and process solution to simplify the management of promotions across the various sales channels.

To meet this purpose, we proposed a TO-BE scenario based on JTI's Microsoft suite and were able to quickly deliver a highly digitised solution that was fully integrated with existing systems, enabling the total automation of a process that had previously been managed manually.


The solution is an application with the front-end based on MS Power Apps Canvas, a back-end based on MS Dataverse, a set of approval flows based on MS Power Automate, and a set of pipelines and data flows based on MS Azure Data Factory to ingest data from JTI and external partners sFTP servers and Dataverse.

A Power App was created for the management of promotions and related payment flows. The information insertion and the approval workflow between the various internal actors is made in app.

This application, thanks to the integration with the Azure Data Factory pipelines, exchanges informations with state monopoly agency and sales channels managed by external suppliers via SFTP.


Improved ability to perform BI analysis on all sales channels

Automation of information exchange between JTI and its partners

Flexibility in managing different types of promos through a single tool

Better integration between existing systems

Project value

Process performance

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