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By combining OverIT's advanced technology with our innovative expertise, we promote technology for end-to-end Field Service Management processes.

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What We Do

Together with OverIT, we support companies operating in asset-intensive industries in achieving operational excellence. OverIT's Field Service Management (FSM) solutions streamline mission-critical operations on linear assets, ensuring seamless interactions between back office and field operators within an efficiency-oriented workflow.

Our partnership with OverIT enables us to provide comprehensive end-to-end FSM process coverage, offering cutting-edge functionalities that integrate seamlessly with a wide range of market applications (CRM, EAM, ERP, GIS, IoT, Smart Grid, billing).

The solutions implemented with OverIT are designed to reduce implementation time and costs, featuring project characteristics based on configurability, automatic updates, and high scalability.

Thus, the ENG OverIT partnership is the most natural choice for companies managing strategic operations in complex technical and commercial scenarios.

Our Partnership

State-of-the-Art Technology - OverIT's Next-Gen FSM Platform is the most advanced solution in its category, designed for linear asset management and ensuring the success of even the most complex field operations.

Proven Customer Success - A global network of over 300 satisfied clients relies on us to optimize their field service activities.

Unmatched Industry Experience - With over 25 years of experience in addressing the specific needs of the Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Telco, and Transportation sectors.

OverIT: Industry Leader in FSM - OverIT has been recognized as a Leader in the “2023-2024 IDC MarketScape for Worldwide Field Service Management Solutions for Utilities.”

ENG: Leader in the Transformation to Digital Ecosystems - ENG is a key player in creating digital ecosystems to connect diverse markets, developing composable solutions for continuous business transformation, with the belief that no single player can meet all needs alone.

ENG and OverIT form an exceptionally successful partnership in Field Service Management, a synergy that initiates value-creating processes for organizations managing strategically important activities.