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Marketplace Platform


Our brokering and monetization platform that enables the immediate distribution of any type of Cloud & digital services.

Cloudesire Service Marketplace Orchestration Platform
Cloudesire is an open two-sided cloud-agnostic marketplace, allowing:
  • the self-provisioning of IAAS/PAAS/SAAS/APIs products / services
  • by applying of different pricing models (try & buy, freemium, pay-as-you-go, etc.)
  • both on private datacenters and public cloud providers
  • through multiple resellers channels
  • by supporting monitoring and logging capabilities
  • exposed on a common open API layer.

It can be considered as one of the most complete Multi Cloud marketplace on the market, open to integration via APIs with external cloud management platforms to cover a full E2E sell and operate capability model.

We are also developing and delivering an enriched portfolio of cloud and digital services in a subscription model throughout our marketplace business channel.
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Enabling a new way of distributing, accessing, and controlling cloud services

The Cloudesire SaaS platform enables and speeds up enterprises and companies path to develop digital and cloud products and services marketplace for B2B and B2B2C businesses:
  • enabling to sell, distribute SaaS, third party or their own cloud services to the market
  • enabling to consume and manage their IT services in a hybrid and multi cloud context
  • providing marketplace capabilities enabling to sell digital products in a multi channels chain
Cloud Computing


Organizations are not only selling directly to customers but also facilitating transactions between third party sellers and customers.

Enterprise marketplaces can bring new participants beyond the traditional value chain.

Organizations will generate new revenue from the marketplace.

At the basic level, organizations can set up the technology platform to connect sellers and customers, and give them tools to enable transactions and manage the business.

Case Study

A Cloud Marketplace for new revenue streams

We developed a B2B/B2C marketplace that enables our client to resell several kinds of IaaS/SaaS/PaaS services to end-users and to expand its business.

Case Study

The first Marketplace for Cognitive Skills

We built a 2-sided marketplace where both the client and its partners can publish and resell their AI solutions for different fields and industries.

Case Study

Enabling cloud service brokering for an IT leader

We implemented our Cloudesire platform to create a XaaS marketplace to fluidify the business relationships with our Client's distributors and resellers.

Focus On

Cloud Services Marketplace for Public Sector

IaaS, PaaS and SaaS AGID qualified services for the Public Entities, Healthcare, and Public Utilities.