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Customer Loyalty


Platform for managing services related to electronic payment tools for banking and business

Integrated, flexible and customizable platform for B2B and B2C customer loyalty.

The main features are:
  • Payment card management on privative circuits, which can be customized based on the needs of customer targets. The functionalities are available online and offlind, also through APPs integrated with Self Service systems;
  • Electronic Fuel Vouchers, issue and management of payments with cards or scratch cards, with predetermined nominal value;
  • e-Coupon, web portal through which it is possible to generate electronic coupons to be distributed to end customers via APP and / or mailing integrated with the electronic payment tools available;
  • Loyalty Program, points collection campaigns through different channels: physical or digital card through APPs;
  • Multifunctional cards, integrated use of the loyalty and payment functions;
  • Marketplace, order lifecycle optimization by linking the community of suppliers and buyers.

The platform allows cross-selling operations to be activated between different product sectors (eg GDO-Petrol) by integrating partial payments, including Self Service with shopping vouchers and promotional campaigns.

Case Study

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