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Smart Mobility & Parking


Platform designed for the complete management of urban mobility processes for smart cities.

INES Cloud BSS/OSS is a platform designed for the unified management of all the processes related to urban smart mobility and smart parking, used by a large number of smart cities in Italy and abroad.

The platform manages both business processes ( access rules, transit and parking, geographical areas of application, fees, transactions, digital sales channels, web and mobile), and operational processes (fulfillment and monitoring of rules and services).

  • INES Cloud BSS allows to configure digital processess planned by the city regulations, managing the entire sales cycle through a desk dedicated to citizens or through the main digital channels.

  • INES Cloud OSS is the system that supports urban mobility operational activities. It is an hardware independent solution and allows to unify the management of all the mobility field devices produced by different companies: cameras, parking sensors, traffic flow sensors, barriers, parking meters, automated payment machines, LED displays,  variable message signs, environmental sensors, on board units, AVM.


INES Cloud provides the first ecosystem for the integrated management of the urban smart mobility, overcoming the fragmentation of the existing vertical systems, both hardware and software systems, and supports the integration of  additional technologies and applications in order to supply more effective and better integrated services.

One of the strenghts characterizing INES Cloud is its capability to integrate existing systems and infrastructures, placing them in an open and interoperable environment.

The integration with third party systems allows the public administration, municipal companies and private companies to reach higher efficiency levels and a totally new understanding of urban mobility management.

This combination in a unique platform allows operators to:
  • digitalize urban mobility
  • significantly simplify all the administrative processes related to access, transit and parking
  • implement policies in order to manage urban mobility in a dynamic, active and flexible way
  • improve and extend services provided to citizens.

White Paper

Augmented City

We increase the city’s ability to serve its citizens, protect the environment, boost the local economy. And put people first.


Case Study

state-of-the-art smart mobility

Pisa plays the role of smart city with a unique platform for city mobility that digitizes existing processes and creates new points of web and mobile contact with the citizen and new services such as smart parking.


Case Study

Florence: City of Art and Smart Mobility

Integrating processes and information for smart mobility: the case of Florence.

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